Decarbon8-US Fund


Decarbon8-US is for those who believe in the power of entrepreneurship and technology and wonder what more they can do to mitigate climate change.

Decarbon8-US gives everyone a way to invest directly in the cleantech enterprises that are already beginning to transform our economy. We just need to go faster – much faster, and there is no time to lose.

We know climate change poses tremendous risk to our way of life and that of our children, with 50% of Sustainable Development Goals impacted by threats to nature and its communities (IPBES Plenary 2019). We know that 1.5C is going to be hard to hit.

Yet we also know that rapid change is possible and that citizens of the world are activated. Sixty six percent in Washington State, for example, say they want to do more to address climate change (Yale), which we see in the actions of policymakers, employees and recent commitments from Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, Delta Air Lines, Blackrock and others.


So, what can we do?

In lock-step with policy, advocacy and research, everyone needs to do their part to drive the decarbonization of our economy as fast as possible. This will be a multi-decade endeavor that needs not only your investment but also active, informed consumers and advocates. Your investment in the innovative cleantech companies supported by Decarbon8-US is just
the start.

How Decarbon8-US Works

In sum, the Fund accepts philanthropic donations and grants and then makes equity and debt investments in early stage companies aligned with decarbonization priorities. Deals are sourced through thematic calls for
proposals in areas such as electrifying transportation, green buildings and agriculture, and for 2020 we will focus on high potential enterprises across all decarbonization pathways. Returns to the Fund are reinvested, though contributions over $5,000 may have returns shared with a donor advised fund or foundation. Other accredited investors and funds may co-invest in
deals as well, increasing our impact. Investments are announced at semi-annual investment presentations and Celebrations.

For those new to philanthropic impact investing, please contact us for our legal brief from Adler & Colvin.

More information

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