Realize Impact operates impact partnerships with other organizations.
All of these have been funded through philanthropic investment grants.



The TerraFund is a revolving loan fund investing in for-profit companies restoring degraded land in Africa. Creating as part of the AFR100 initiative, in partnership with World Resources Institute, and One Tree Planted.

See for a list of investees, details and status on the trees they’ve planted, and opportunities for investors to join in to increase their impacts.


Decarbon8-US gives everyone a way to invest directly in the cleantech enterprises that are already beginning to transform our economy. Created in partnership with E8 Angels.


The R.I.S.E. Artisan Fund invests in and supports early-stage artisan enterprises that create sustainable livelihoods for rural communities with few economic alternatives. Created in partnership between Sprout Enterprise.



The Mission Driven Finance Fund invests in a variety of impact funds managed by Mission Driven Finance or impactful companies that work with that organization for managing investor relations.


The Sustainable Grant Making Partners Fund makes grants to various causes, including recoverable research grants to start-up companies, primarily for environmental, medical or education related research.


All of these are open to additional funding through philanthropic investment grants.

If your organization has either dreamed of a partnership like these, but doesn’t know how to manage it, or if you are a fund manager aiming to grow your investor pool by adding venture philanthropy, read the Partnerships FAQ for how this works, then contact us to get your partnership started.