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Between the launch and the close is the raise

Even impact fund managers with a compelling thesis, a solid pipeline and sometimes an enviable track record spend an inordinate amount of time fundraising. Every day spent pitching or presenting slide decks is a day not spent helping portfolio companies get the resources they need to scale their impact.

Yet angel investors, family offices, financial advisors and wealth managers may not know which firms and fund managers are in the market seeking capital. Lists and rankings may not indicate which funds are open to new investments. A welter of securities laws regulate whether and how fund managers can advertise themselves or “solicit” investments from limited partners.

ImpactAlpha and Realize Impact have partnered to present a monthly Liist of impact funds and companies that, based on public or accessible information, we believe to be in active fundraising mode.

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The latest list and archive at Plus below are some of of the liistings that Realize Impact has already invested in through our philanthropic investing service. If you’ve not seen that, it allows donor-advised funds, family foundations, and other philanthropists to turn their philanthropy into impact investments.


Gigawatt Global

Gigawatt Global logo

Gigawatt Global provides renewable electricity to some of the most challenging countries in Africa — geared to offering strong potential returns on investment while supporting humanitarian and social causes including clean energy, women's empowerment, health, education, access to clean water and food security.

rePlant Capital

The fortieth investment of Realize Impact is rePlant Capital, a new investment fund focused on regenerative agriculture. Interest in regenerative agriculture is rising… quickly, as is corporate commitments supporting regenerative agricultural practices. That is leading to more organic farming in the US, expected to grow from 1% of U.S. farming acreage to 8%-10% by 2030. Realize Impact...

Decarbon8: Time to Transform Transportation

Please meet the 2021 Decarbon8-US investees! We invite investors, donors of all sizes and types, and climate champions to join us in accelerating the climatetech revolution, to hopefully realize outsized gains and impact along the way. C-Motive Disruptive ultra-high efficiency and high torque motors for e-mobility, industry, renewables generation and more. Why we’re...

Investment #25 – Truss Fund II

Truss Fund makes loans to social enterprises addressing poverty in the developing world.  The fund focuses exclusively on graduates of the GSBI Accelerator, a program of Miller Center at Santa Clara University. In just the past thirty days Truss Fund has approved a loan to Doselva, a spice business connecting Nicaraguan smallholder farmers to export markets, a loan to All Across Africa...

#6: Community Credit Lab

Community Credit Lab logo

Ada Developers Academy and Community Credit Lab partnered to focus on increasing equity in tech. Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit, tuition-free coding school for women and gender diverse adults. Ada focuses on serving low income people, underrepresented minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Seattle and the surrounding region. Community Credit Lab provides community-funded, 0%...

Three Funds

fund logos

In addition to our off-the-shelf service that lets anyone turn philanthropic capital into an impact investment, this year Realize Impact now also operates three philanthropic investment funds for three partners.   The Decarbon8-US fund is for those who believe in the power of entrepreneurship and technology and wonder what more they can do to mitigate climate change. Created in partnership...

#5: Denkyem Coop

Denkyem logo

Denkyem provides access to affordable loans for black-owned businesses in the Puget Sound region (a.k.a. the Seattle Metropolitan Area). The loan terms are simple and unique: This is a black-owned business serving black-owned businesses, started in partnership with one of Seattle’s most active early-stage investors: Realize Impact provided a recoverable grant to Denkyem, providing them some...

#3: Africa Eats

Africa Eats logo

The coronavirus pandemic brings more than a healthcare crisis to Africa, it brings disruptions to the food supply chain that will likely cause widespread hunger and starvation. The food system is already far from ideal, with (at least) 40% of that food never being eaten due to post-harvest losses (Rockefeller Foundation studies). Adding to these issues are the friction of closed borders...

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