The Mission Driven Finance Impact Fund


Mission Driven Finance isn’t afraid to say “yes” and do the hard work to invest where others are not—but should. We invest in community like no other, and make it easy for folks to join us to build the future we want to live in.

We believe bold visions, innovative enterprises, and great community programs deserve the opportunity to succeed.

Unfortunately, we know many businesses and communities are unable to access the capital they need from traditional funding sources. The result is too many worthwhile endeavors struggling to achieve scale.

Mission Driven Finance is an impact investment firm dedicated to building a financial system that ensures good organizations and businesses have access to sufficient, affordable capital. Built from the ground up with a single purpose—to make it easy to invest in your community—all our funds and structured products are designed to close financial gaps in order to close opportunity gaps. Mission Driven Finance was launched in 2016 in San Diego, CA, and is a Certified B Corporation.

How We Do It

We work with nonprofits, social enterprises, and businesses to grow with accessible and affordable impact-based financing. We fund and leverage capital to advance economic opportunity and empower communities—particularly those that have been burdened with historical bias, including BIPOC, New Americans, women and girls, and veterans.

With decades of combined investment and impact experience, our intentionally diverse team reimagines how to connect capital and community. Our platform of products is designed to increase inclusive and equitable access to education, health, and wealth.

What We Care About

  • Inclusive place-based strategies
  • Early care & education
  • Immigrants, refugees, and New Americans
  • Cooperatives and employee ownership
  • Environmental justice

With the right mechanisms—and the right partners—we CAN accelerate positive social change.

Learn more on the Mission Driven Finance website or contact Heather Marie Burke for more information.