The TerraFund


Six years ago, African leaders recognized that the degradation of 65 percent of the continent’s agricultural land threatens economic and environmental ruin for millions of farmers. They realized this just as the effects of climate change – lower crop yields, erratic rainfall, prolonged droughts – are making life harder for millions of farmers, herders, and city dwellers. That’s why African countries have pledged to begin restoring 100 million hectares of degraded land by 2030 through the AFR100 Initiative.


Realize Impact has partnered with AFR100, World Resources Institute, and One Tree Planted to help restore this degraded land, with Realize Impact managing the revolving loan fund.

The first $3 million of loans were deployed to 20 for-profit companies workng on restorative forestry and restorative agriculture in over a dozen African countries in 2022. See for details on those companies plus the other 79 nonprofits that received grants.

To show an example of what types of companies received funding, watch the site visit video from Green Pot: