100 Unique Investors


One year and a few weeks after launching our philanthropic investment service, the 100th investor has made a donation and recommended an investment. And before we could tout that milestone, the 101st donation arrived as a gift of appreciated shares.

The 100th investor recommended an opportunity managed by Mission Driven Finance, to be invested in Nano PharmaSolutions.

The 99th investor recommended Blue Gold Works, which is crowdfunding on Wefunder and thus open for everyone to co-invest along with us.

The investment before that wasn’t the 98th investor, it was the 10th investor with a second recommendation, this time for a revenue-share in Arqlite, turning plastic waste into a replacement for quarry stone.

This was far from the first time a donor/investor made a second donation and second recommendation. The 7th and 12th investors each have used this service three times, and our 50th investor holds the current record with four separate donation/recommendation for four separate investments: Fledge, Africa Eats, Denkyem, and Community Credit Lab.

Most (but not all) of the companies and funds we’ve invested in are open for more investors. If anyone on this page catches your eye or anything we’ve previously blogged about looked interesting, contact us and we’ll introduce you to the organization so that you can learn more and either invest alongside us or make your own donation and recommendation for Realize Impact to invest more.