#34, #35, #36 = $234,500 of investments October


Three more impact investments in October 2021: TechSoup, Beta Boom, and PlusMedia.


TechSoup provides discounts for nonprofits to technology solutions. The company ran a debt crowdfunding campaign for expansion of their service, and Realize Impact helped finish off that fundraising with a $75,000 investment.

Beta Boom

Beta Boom invests in under-the-radar founders building the future for women, Black, Latinx and other ethnic minority consumers. In short, they invest in the 99% of startups that the venture capital industry is passing by. Realize Impact joined in this fund with $100,000 investment.


+Media captures viewers at the moment of interest and seamlessly guides the audience to a curated engagement experience.  In other words, they turn video into an interactive experience. Two investors recommended the $59,500 investment that Realize Impact made this week.