TerraFund 2023/2024 is Africa Trees


Realize Impact partnered with WRI in 2022 to launch the TerraFund, investing in for-profit companies restoring land in Africa. In 2023, we’ve created Africa Trees Ltd. as a for-profit company to organize those investments.

The initial cohort of investments have been made. Over a dozen companies based in Kenya, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, and Ghana:

Emfed Farms is an agribusiness that makes cocoa farming profitable for smallholders by providing them with financially, socially and environmentally sustainable farm management services.

FarmLife Health Services partners with Kenyan farmers to plant avocado trees among their crops.

Goshen Farm is are a grower, processor and exporter of Kenyan horticulture produce. We have made strides to become a preferred and reliable supplier of produce.

GreenPot Enterprises is Kenya’s first fully integrated bamboo company, with operations ranging from large-scale nurseries to the establishment of bamboo plantations.

Grow Tech Nurseries is an agricultural and forest biotechnology company based in Nakuru, Kenya, specializing in mass propagation of various trees for forest restoration.

Kimplanter is a Kenyan commercial propagation company that supplies drought-resistant seedlings for vegetables and fruit, indigenous and exotic tree species.

Moto feeds is a company working with local pastoralist communities especially the Maasai to revitalize degraded grasslands by providing fodder solutions.

Orchard Juice specializes in 100% natural freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices with the highest standard of hygiene and cold chain management, ensuring your fresh juice gets to you in its purest natural form.

Perfect Village Communities “P.V.C Burundi” is a social enterprise based in Burundi, we work in land restoration while practicing regenerative agriculture on restored land, we empower women and youth in rural Burundi.

At Sakam Savana, our vision is to reforest to restore the earth to foster a world of sustained nature-based livelihoods by planting commercial forest trees alongside diverse flora and fauna species.

Talmond’s mission is to innovate with the neglected tropical almond and other under-utilised crops, West Africa, transforming them into environmentally sustainable, ethical, nutritious and delicious plant-based products.