Farm Link Hawaii


Farm Link Hawaii markets itself as Hawaiʻi’s premier online local food marketplace, connecting statewide farmers, ranchers, and food makers with the state’s largest retail consumer market on Oʻahu. Established to address Hawaiʻi’s broken food system and food deserts, FLH has evolved from B2B to B2C to meet growing consumer demand for fresh and “only found here” Hawaiʻi foods. Its operations and technology support last-mile delivery to homes across Oʻahu. FLH is uniquely positioned to address and scale Hawaiʻi’s food system—from farm to house and maker to plate.

Demand for locally grown produce exceeds supply. Four out of five Oʻahu grocery shoppers wish they could access more local food. But grocery stores do not have the will or capacity to work with small farms and food makers. The good news is that local producers have the know-how, amazing products, and the desire to scale. However, they lack market intel, and the ability to connect directly with and service retail consumers.

Enter Farm Link Hawaiʻi. The company’s bread and butter is working with producers and consumers. It shares market data with producers so they can align their production with demand. FLH works with consumers and shares the delight of locally grown food. It is an activist buyer committed to food access, equipped with the right team, and ready for bold investment partners interested in investing in its radical new solutions to scale up and transform the statewide food system.

Realize Impact invested in Farm Link Hawaii through a philanthropic investment.