Investment #24 – Gigawatt Global


Gigawatt Global is a Jerusalem-based, Dutch-registered company backed by American investors creating a platform to provide renewable electricity to some of the most challenging countries in Africa — geared to offering strong potential returns on investment while supporting humanitarian and social causes including clean energy, women’s empowerment, health, education, access to clean water and food security.

Our team includes Israelis and Palestinians and people in the UK and each African country we are active in.  As Israelis, the members of our core leadership are committed to working with all those – in the region and across the globe – who share our vision of a world where all people have access to live-giving energy.  We are not affiliated with any government but act in partnership with all governments looking to promote the interests of the people of the countries in Africa (and the Middle East) where our projects are located.

Gigawatt Project in Rwanda

Gigawatt Global has a rich pipeline of renewable energy projects, providing solar, wind and hydro electricity, mostly in Africa. We delivered the first utility-scale solar electricity interconnection under the White House Power Africa program (in Rwanda), and were honored by the US State Department as a finalist for the Secretary of State’s ACE awards in Corporate Excellence/Sustainability. We opened our first field in the US, in Georgia, in June of 2016.

We are exploring strategic partnerships at the platform level; we have signed a term sheet with an investor consortium for our Series A first institutional round of investment, and welcome others to explore possibilities.  In addition, we’ll be looking for significant additional funds invested in the parent company in the coming years, to deploy as project capital in our fields. 

Realize Impact made its first investment with more verbally committed. If you’d like to invest your philanthropy in powering Africa, or if you’d like to co-invest along side us with your savings, let us know.