Decarbon8: Time to Transform Transportation


Please meet the 2021 Decarbon8-US investees! We invite investors, donors of all sizes and types, and climate champions to join us in accelerating the climatetech revolution, to hopefully realize outsized gains and impact along the way.


Disruptive ultra-high efficiency and high torque motors for e-mobility, industry, renewables generation and more.

Why we’re investing

  • Technological advantages in electrostatic motors, outperforming electromagnetic ones on torque per unit mass, without use of rare earth metals
  • High potential impact on energy efficiency, reduced heat generation, lower maintenance, reduced weight and renewable generation efficiency
  • Strong intellectual property portfolio 
  • Early relationships with automotive manufacturers and US shipping and retailer
  • Good company with investors such as the PRIME Impact Fund and Clean Energy Trust

What we’re watching

  • Demonstration applications and validation test data
  • Ramping commercialization efforts 
  • Continued product development
  • Competitors and substitutes 


A new solution for multi-unit dwellings to speed and democratize the booming EV charging market. Combined Level 1 and Level 2 outlets help property owners quickly and cost-effectively offer EV options to more tenants with less hassle.

Why we’re investing

  • The opportunity to ramp quickly and speed EV adoption in this window of opportunity and consumer awareness
  • A clear and focused value proposition for their customers (i.e. property managers) in a booming market segment
  • To also make EVs accessible sooner to middle income buildings and tenants
  • Patents pending that support ramping into their niche, including for ease of hardware installation and charging management software
  • Confidence in the founderJohn Reister, with prior scaling and IPO experience
  • Pending pilot installations in Northern California and positive customer interviews

What we’re watching

  • Initial field and customer results, with product certification expected in Nov.
  • The competition in this hot market
  • The evolution of their business model as they execute and work with clients


Curb management solutions for cities and fleets, using video capture with image processing and machine learning. This space is ready for a real upgrade and a shift toward sustainability, jumping from pay meters to tools, data and systems that allow for a new level of access, enforcement and reservations.

Why we’re investing

  • We want to be a part of this nascent industry, where new tech allows for new city policies that can drive emissions reduction via EV adoption and reduced congestion
  • One early proof point: Automotus’ central role in the Santa Monica Zero Emissions Delivery Zone
  • They’re a major part of a new Dept. of Energy grant to support zero emissions curb management, together with the LACI, NREL, PNNL, Carnegie Mellon and others.
  • Accelerating revenue in 2021
  • Hearing from clients Santa Monica and Pittsburgh
  • In good investor company, joining Quake Capital Partners‘ High Confidence Fund, Techstar Ventures, EFO Ventures, Baron Davis and Ben Bear.

What we’re watching

  • Results from the zero emissions Santa Monica and DOE programs 
  • How their use cases evolve, hopefully becoming an enabler of pro-EV and micro-mobility policies nationwide and beyond
  • Competition and competitive advantage; product roadmap and IP development
  • Hiring and ability to scale quickly