The Care Access Real Estate (CARE) Investment Trust


The Care Access Real Estate (CARE) Investment Trust is a unique child care investment strategy in a $100M+ diversified, risk-mitigated real estate portfolio of commercial and residential properties. Within 10 years, CARE intends to IPO into a public REIT and drive massive investment capital into the child care system.

Child care in America has been largely neglected and severely undercapitalized. Providers consistently cite real estate issues as the top challenges and barriers to their growth.  This fragile and lopsided sector has left families scrambling to find suitable child care and cornered child care providers, mainly women and women of color, in an extractive system with few options to scale to meet demand. Until now.

CARE is the first-of-its-kind child care facilities real estate venture that is designed to achieve three critical shifts within the child care sector:

  1. Expand the supply of quality child care, especially for overlooked and under-resourced families and communities
  2. Increase the resilience of childcare businesses by providing stable leases as a child-care-friendly landlord
  3. Build the wealth of childcare providers by creating opportunities to expand their business, share in property appreciation, and own their facility 

CARE will create optimal, joyful child care spaces and lease them to providers at affordable rates as a child care-friendly landlord. We will share any property appreciation with the provider-tenants to position them to buy out the properties if they wish, which will recycle the capital into the fund. CARE will prioritize occupancy in its properties by small-scale BIPOC providers serving economically diverse families, and the REIT’s properties will be in locations with insufficient childcare supply.

Realize Impact invested in CARE through a philanthropic investment. Realize Impact has invested in many other investments managed by Mission Driven Finance, a leader in impact investment fund management.