What is Impact Investing?


The mainstream media defines and talks about impact investing in terms of “ESG“, i.e. Environmental, Social, and Governance. Those measures help ensure a company is well managed, but those measures alone don’t explain whether a company is impactful or not. Nor a fund.

Impact” measures whether the investee makes a positive contribution to solving real problems. And here in the 2020s the de facto standard list of those problems are the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

How then do these goals fit into an investment landscape? The following playlist of videos answers that question, starting with the story of Andrew Carnegie and his view of philanthropy, containing into the continuum of investment opportunities that blend impact with expected returns.

In short, impact investing crosses the border between philanthropy and investing, which is why Realize Impact’s Philanthropic Investment Grant service is so popular, as we make it easy to use philanthropic dollars to make impact investments.


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