Helping 138 Donor/Investors make 41 impact investments


2021 was a busy year for Realize Impact’s philanthropic investing service. 26 new investments, bringing the total since launch (a week before the pandemic lockdowns of 2020) to 41 investments.

All of this capital was provided from what we call donor/investors. Donors, as Realize Impact is a 501(c)3, accepting donations from donor advised funds, family foundations, and directly from philanthropists. 138 unique donors since launch, who combined recommended 162 investments into those 41 companies and funds.

Wait… how do you get 162 recommendations? Simple, many of those 138 donor/investors made multiple recommendations for multiple investments.

What they learned is that this service makes it very easy to make impact investments. You don’t need any prior experience in investing. You don’t need to know how to review an LLC agreement or stock purchase agreement or loan agreement. You just donate the capital, recommend where to invest it, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Every recommendation passes through Realize Impact’s investment committee. Every investment document gets reviewed. But you don’t worry about that, you just tell Fidelity/Schwab/Vanguard Charitable or your local community foundation or your broker to donate the money to Realize Impact. You send us a PHIG form to tell us where you’d like it invested.

We’ll let you know when that is done, and we’ll send 99% of whatever comes from that investment back to your DAF, or to any 501(c)3 you recommend.

Investing couldn’t be simpler.

See the other posts on this blog for descriptions of these investments, many of which would love to have you invest to help their mission, as they all have an impactful mission.