Investment #23 – Nano PharmaSolutions


The Problem

Most drug candidates (>70%) are poorly soluble resulting in poor bioavailability. Many technologies (e.g. spray dry dispersion, hot melt extrusion, liposomal, nano emulsion, nano crystals, etc.) have been developed to address this solubility concerns in NCE. However, all of these methods use chemicals that become a part of the drug. This can lead to potential drug product toxicity and, possibly, stability as well. Additionally, these solubilization approaches are iterative which results in the consumption of relatively large quantities of scarce and expensive drug substance as well as require long formulation development timelines. Each of these nano formulation development approaches also have well-documented limitations/significant disadvantages.

The Solution

Nano PharmaSolutions, Inc developed a physical (i.e. phase transformation) nanoformulation technology platform which generates drug substance particles, equal to or less than 100 nm in size, via sublimation. They can rapidly develop customized nano formulations of small molecule drug substances with <7g of sample as little as 1 month and provide the pre-clinical testing samples within 7 weeks. Drug nanoparticles we generate using the patent-pending technology can be formulated into variety of dosage forms.

Unlike existing nano formulations that use lipid, polymers, or other chemicals to form drug nano particles, this technology utilizes phase transfer to generate nano drug particles which are then uniformly deposited onto the surface of mannitol, or other pharmaceutical grade carrier particles. Solid drug substance is converted into a vapor phase, at the triple point under a micro vacuum (10-6 torr) conditions. The nano-drug coated mannitol can then, easily, be further processed into solid oral, pulmonary, topical, IV, or ocular formulations.

The Investment

Through two recommendations from two donor/investors, Realize Impact has invested $149,000 into this company through our Mission Driven Finance fund. Others interested in making this solution a commercial reality are welcome to add more capital through our philanthropic investment service or to invest along side us.

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