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Grapevine gathers like-minded people to donate to a common cause. Join us to find your community and make an impact. Together. Realize Impact invested $100,000 to help scale up Grapevine’s business and their impact. What if you made a commitment to give back regularly and intentionally? What if you brought friends, colleagues, coworkers and others along with you? Your commitment could help...

Clean Crop Technologies

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The Decarbon8 fund, managed by Realize Impact has invested in Clean Crop Technologies, a startup that aims to lower food waste by removing contaminants from food surfaces (without leaving any residue behind) and enhancing seed performance. In 1862 Louis Pasteur pioneered an effective method for removing pathogens in milk and wine. This process, which bears his name, revolutionized food safety and...

$22 million

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Realize Impact launched the philanthropic investment grants service in February 2020 and through the end of 2022 has received over 400 donations, totaling over $22 million, resulting in 137 investments into impact funds and mission-driven companies. See our blog for details on many of these investments… and if you are looking for ideas on where you can make an impact investment (either with...


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RevHubOC is building a like-minded community of social investors and entrepreneurs in Orange County, California (the south end of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area) in order to accelerate scalable and sustainable solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. Four donors from the Orange County Community Foundation recommended that Realize Impact invest in this important piece of local...

The Liist: December 2022

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ImpactAlpha, December 6 – It’s been a difficult year for many run-of-the-mill tech funds seeking fresh powder. Impact funds, from climate tech to gender-lens vehicles, are leaning into more resilient (and urgent) trends. Many in turn are surpassing their fundraising targets.This month’s Liist, in partnership with Realize Impact, features a few funds that are nearing their final close. California...

What is Impact Investing?

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The mainstream media defines and talks about impact investing in terms of “ESG“, i.e. Environmental, Social, and Governance. Those measures help ensure a company is well managed, but those measures alone don’t explain whether a company is impactful or not. Nor a fund. “Impact” measures whether the investee makes a positive contribution to solving real problems. And...

Steward Regenerative Capital

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Realize Impact invested $60,000 into Steward Technologies, a company promoting environmental and economic stewardship through regenerative agriculture. They do this by providing flexible loans to human-scale farms, ranches, fisheries, and food producers looking to propel their operations forward.

Investments are always open into their fund:

Starlight Cardiovascular

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Realize Impact invested $100,000 into Starlight Cardiovascular 15 months ago. Starlight Cardiovascular is developing a portfolio of devices to treat babies born with congenital heart defects. From their website:The company is developing much needed tools and devices to treat pediatric congenital heart defects (CHDs). Approximately 1.3 million babies are born each year with a CHD. Most of the...


UbiQD (header)

UbiQD is an advanced materials company powering product innovations in agriculture, clean energy, and security. Our quantum dots enable industry leaders to harness the power of light and our first product, UbiGro®, is a layer of light that helps plants get more from the sun. At UbiQD, we know that great technologies depend on great materials. Our patented quantum dots hold the key to unlocking...

Fuchsia Shoes

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R.I.S.E. Artisan Fund has invested in Fuchsia Shoes, a sustainable fashion brand manufacturing handcrafted shoes based on the traditional Pakistani khussas. We deliver high quality, ethically made and environmentally responsible shoes to the American consumer directly. Our customers’ purchase of Fuchsia Shoes genuinely benefits the artisans who make them.” R.I.S.E. Artisan Fund, an initiative of...